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11 Tips to Avoid Sun Damage: Keep Your Entryway Cool and Stylish!

11 Tips to Avoid Sun Damage: Keep Your Entryway Cool and Stylish!

When it comes to protecting our homes from sun damage, we often forget about our front doors and patio doors. These entryways are not only essential for security but also make a significant impact on the overall appearance of our homes. In this blog post, we’ll share 11 tips inspired by Las Vegas residents to help you keep your front door and patio doors cool, stylish, and protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

While your front door may not be as susceptible to sun damage as your skin is, it’s still important to take steps to protect it. After all, your front door is one of the first things people see when they come to your home, so you want it to look its best.

Here are 11 tips to help you avoid sun damage on your front door and patio doors:

Choose doors made of sun-resistant materials:

Make sure you choose front and patio doors made of sun-resistant materials like fiberglass or steel. These materials can withstand the sun’s rays and help maintain the integrity and appearance of your doors over time.

Add storm doors:

Consider installing storm doors for both your front and patio doors. These additional layers of protection can help reduce heat transfer and shield your doors from UV rays.

Install shade screens:

Protect your front and patio doors by installing shade screens made of sun-resistant materials such as fiberglass or aluminum. These screens not only block out the sun’s rays but also provide added privacy.

Apply door sealant:

Apply a door sealant made of sun-resistant materials to your front and patio doors. This will create a barrier that helps keep your doors cooler and prevents fading caused by the sun.

Add window film:

Apply window film to the glass panels of your patio doors. This film can block UV rays and reduce heat transfer, keeping your interior spaces cooler and protecting your doors from sun damage.

Hang shutters or blinds:

Dress up your front and patio doors while protecting them from the sun by hanging shutters or blinds. Choose fabrics with a high UV rating and install them on the inside of the doors for added durability.

Put up awnings or shade cloths:

Install awnings or shade cloths above your patio doors to create a shaded area. This will not only protect your doors from direct sunlight but also provide a comfortable outdoor space.

Plant trees or shrubs:

Strategically plant trees or shrubs near your front and patio doors to create natural shade. Opt for varieties that offer ample coverage and block out the sun’s rays, adding beauty and protection to your entryway.

Use window tinting film:

Consider applying window tinting film to the glass panels of your patio doors. This film can reduce glare, block UV rays, and protect your doors from sun-related fading.

Install solar screens:

For added protection, install solar screens on your patio doors. These screens are designed to block the sun’s rays and reduce heat transfer, keeping your doors cooler and preventing sun damage.

Consider upgrading your doors:

If your front or patio doors are old or damaged, it may be time for an upgrade. Invest in new doors made of sun-resistant materials, such as fiberglass or aluminum, to ensure long-lasting protection and a fresh, stylish look.

Protecting your front and patio doors from sun damage is crucial for maintaining the beauty and functionality of your entryway. By following these 11 playful tips, you can keep your doors cool, stylish, and well-protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Remember to choose sun-resistant materials, apply protective coatings, create shade, and consider upgrading your doors if needed. With these measures in place, you can enjoy a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing entryway for years to come. 

Contact Synergetic Home today for a wide range of sun-resistant doors and windows, and let our professionals assist you in finding the perfect solution for your home. Stay cool and stylish, Las Vegas residents!

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