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6 Things to Consider If You Want Energy-Efficient Windows

6 Things to Consider If You Want Energy-Efficient Windows

If you want to save energy and money, find out the six things you should consider when selecting the best energy-efficient windows for your synergetic home.

Energy-Efficient Glass

The glass in your windows is a critical component that affects energy efficiency. Look for dual-pane or triple-pane glass with inert argon gas between panes. These features slow down thermal transfer and insulate your home better. Additionally, laminated, tempered, tinted, or obscure insulating glass can add ultraviolet protection and enhance energy efficiency.

Window Installation

Proper window installation can prevent air infiltration and costly water damage to your home. Make sure your windows are installed tightly and correctly to prevent air leaks and drafts that could increase your energy bills.

Window Placement

Consider low-emissivity (Low-E) glass coatings for different areas of your home to improve your windows’ energy efficiency. These layers of thermal protection inside insulating glass reflect summer heat and retain interior cooling, reflect winter cold and retain interior heat, and block harmful UV rays to prevent fade damage.


Your home’s geographic location and climate play a significant role in choosing the right energy-efficient windows. Depending on where you live, heating your home during winter can be your largest utility expense. Choosing windows that perform well in your region can help you save on energy bills.

Window Frame Construction

The material of your window frame affects your window’s overall energy efficiency. Wooden frames provide excellent insulation, while fiberglass frames offer similar insulating properties and unmatched durability. Vinyl frames with multiple air-filled chambers slow the transfer of heat and are easy to maintain.

Energy Efficiency Labels

When shopping for energy-efficient windows, look for ENERGY STAR® and NFRC labels. These labels indicate that the windows have undergone thorough testing and meet specific performance standards.

Are you tired of paying high energy bills? Are you looking for ways to make your home more comfortable year-round? If so, replacing your old windows with energy-efficient ones might be the solution you need. However, with so many options available, choosing the right windows can be overwhelming. By considering these six things, and working with a professional, you can make choosing the best energy-efficient windows for your home easy and fun. 

Start saving on energy bills while enjoying a more comfortable living space by contacting Synergetic Home, your window to energy efficiency, located in Las Vegas ready to serve you and help make the right choice for your home.

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