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Due Diligence Tips in Buying New Windows from a Professional

Due Diligence Tips in Buying New Windows from a Professional

When it comes to window shopping, no step is more crucial than due diligence! Don’t rush into a purchase without asking questions and doing your research. Get answers about insurance coverage, references, response times, and permits. Dive into online reviews and complaints (if any) to uncover the truth. With the right questions and instincts, you’ll find a window replacement company worth your trust.

Is the contractor insured? 

Oh, yes, we’re talking liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. Don’t be shy, demand to see the proof, my dear Watson!

Do they have references? 

But wait, don’t just get the references; put on your sleuthing cap and actually call them! It’s like interviewing witnesses in a grand window case.

Did they quickly reply to your initial inquiry? 

Aha! A slow response could be a red flag, indicating they might not be the window savior you’re seeking. Swift replies mean top-notch service!

How long will it take to get your new windows?

Time is of the essence, my fellow detectives! Get a clear timeline so you know when to expect your window wonders to arrive?

How much is that “free financing” really going to cost you? 

Here’s a secret – some contractors pay a sneaky premium for those financing incentives. Watch out for hidden costs buried in the window price!

Google the name of the contractor plus the word “complaints.” 

Elementary, my dear Watson! We’ll search for any hidden grievances. For example, “ABC Window Company complaints” – let the truth unfold!

Ask if they plan to get a permit for your project. 

Permits, the unsung heroes of window projects! Make sure they’ve got it covered, just like a secret agent with a license to install.

Avoid the pressure to “buy today or lose the special discount.”

 The game of window shopping can be intense, but don’t fall for the pressure tactics! If they say the discount will vanish like a magician’s trick, remember, it might just reappear next month.

Is everything in writing? 

Ah, the sacred contract – don’t be fooled by verbal promises! Get it all down in black and white, so you know what you’re getting with no surprises.

Check their online reviews. 

Yelp and Google are our trusty sidekicks in this quest! Unearth the truth about the contractor’s reputation, and let the stars guide your decision.

At Synergetic Home in Las Vegas, we’ve got your back with top-quality windows, expert advice, and skilled installers. So, let’s dance into a brighter, more energy-efficient future together. Don’t be a window-weary wanderer; be a savvy window enthusiast with Synergetic Home! Happy window hunting!

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